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After like, a heartbreaking tournament last november, in which i missed out on $13k, and just missing out on the sattellite tournament for the $550 buy-in last week, I finally managed to cash in a poker tournament at burswood.

I finished 4th out of 62 in the $220 NLHE tournament tonight for a pretty good cash.

I love playing poker, every, single, day.

Doyle Brunson. What a man.


JM: You saw people shot, stabbed, and killed back in the day. If you had to pull one memory that personifies the "rough and tough" road days, what would that memory be?

DB: There are so many memories, I really cannot distinguish just one of them. I think one of the most traumatic instances was when a guy walked into a game and just blew a guy's head off who was sitting right next to me, and his brains splattered up against a back wall. I've experienced several instances like that. Another time, a guy shot another guy in the head with a shotgun as he was robbing the poker game. I had a very traumatic home invasion. I had several robberies that were very exciting, to say the least (laughing); it is hard to pick one. I saw five people killed on the north side of Fort Worth. That was the roughest place I ever saw.

JM: For you and your crew, the likes of Amarillo Slim, Johnny Moss, and others, how did you all navigate this shady underworld - giving as much action as you all did, flush with so much cash - and get out unscathed?

DB: We protected ourselves pretty well. We carried guns and shotguns, there were three of us who traveled together all the time, sometimes more, so we really watched each others' backs. When we did get robbed, it would be at the poker game itself, not outside the game, because we were very, very careful. We would cover each other. It sounds like the Old West, but it really was. It was very exciting. At that time I was single and didn't have any responsibilities, and I actually enjoyed it. But looking back, it was pretty wild.

JM: So, what was Doyle packing back in the day?

DB: I always carried a .357 Magnum.
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