sirpoopypants (krs_one) wrote,

Tonight I was one place away from turning a $125 buy-in into a minimum $7500 payout, and most likely a $13,200 trip to the Aussie Millions $10k buy in event in melbourne.

QQ v KK in the bigblind small blind on the bubble was, as Jay put it, a total fuckin cooler. And after it happened I was fuckin devastated.

But after kicking back on the porch and replaying the whole tournament back to Rob i'm so happy with the way I played. I beat out 165 odd players across two tournaments, made two final tables and was one spot away from at least a big cash payout and probably a chance to sit down next to Phil Ivey at Crown next January.

Fuck letting a rough beat stop me from playing. I'll be on ESPN next year check-raising Ivey for all his chips.

And if i place, we'll all get drunk.
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